Using cloud native application

Digital transformation can help enterprises to achieve product differentiation, establish competitive advantages and provide an extreme user experience.
In this process, the biggest challenge for enterprise IT is how to improve business agility and speed delivery.
But the container PaaS can help customer to quickly build cloud native applications, realize the continuous integration and delivery, accelerate the application of iterative, becoming the micro enterprise ground service architecture transformation and realize enterprise operational architecture concept is the best choice.

So far, the spirit finches cloud has helped many digital transformation and upgrading, a us-funded enterprise smoothly r n including Banks, securities, insurance, operators, manufacturing, energy, aerospace, automotive and other fields.

The PaaS platform
The Alauda EE enterprise PaaS platform helps enterprises to make the transition to digital transformation

Spirit finches cloud provides seamless integration with micro services, container, at the same time compatible with different infrastructure development enterprise operational integration Alauda EE PaaS platform, and provide a variety of database and middleware management as well as the big data support, etc., for the enterprise IT development, testing, deployment, operations, management, and other core support ability to provide digital transformation.

Digital transformation,Walk with you
  • China minsheng bank
    PaaS is to be the best choice of the enterprise, the spirit finches cloud the whole life cycle of enterprise integration in a platform, to provide better development, testing, the ability of operational processes, in order to improve the efficiency of the development of new business applications and iteration.
    China minsheng bank
    China minsheng bank
  • Huatai securities
    A mature enterprise container cloud platform was introduced to realize the transformation of IT infrastructure from hardware to software.Adopting container technology, standardized development and test management process, standardized system delivery, significantly improved development efficiency.
    Huatai securities
    Huatai securities
  • Yutong bus
    Based on container enterprise cloud native platform to build reliable, scalable architecture application, to overcome the traditional component level failure, to help us less time online new features, rapid implementation from zero to a breakthrough.
    Yutong bus
    Yutong bus
  • Goldwind science and technology
    Choose spirit finches cloud cloud platform enterprise container, with the modern transformation of legacy application software development framework, using modern micro service architecture to reconstruction and upgrading software development platform, adopt the method of low risk, to improve business agility and transformation of legacy applications.
    Goldwind science and technology
    Goldwind science and technology
  • Sany heavy industry
    We are working with lark cloud to build a container based industry 4.0 PaaS platform to build an IoT+ big data support service to form the overall solution of the car network and industrial Internet.Using the modern micro-service architecture to reconstruct and transform the software development platform, the competitiveness of the manufacturing system infrastructure is improved.
    Sany heavy industry
    Sany heavy industry
  • Migu
    The ability to build a unified open platform, will all third-party applications through the same centralized management platform, through the cluster management all the pooling of resources, according to the demand for automatic scheduling and configuration, significantly improved the operation efficiency.
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